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Мои твиты


Мои твиты



For thousands of years people have attempted to answer the question of INTUITION. Since the beginning of time there were people who believed in intuition and luck, and the people who only trusted material science. It seems that everyone has an opinion on this matter, and nobody is indifferent. Until now, it has been just a matter of personal choice whether to be either luck or scientific based. But we are about to change that.
We introduce a real possibility to prove an existence (or NOT) of the phenomenon of intuition.

Sounds a little bit conceited? NOT AT ALL!

With a help of our brand new iOS application called My108, everybody can participate in our global experiment.
Our application features several simple, but powerful and interesting intuition tests. By passing the tests on a daily basis the user gets his long term statistics. They are recorded and can be compared to others. Results are displayed on diagrams. Each result is statistically valid thanks to our powerful tool for statistics which is built into the program.

It is not JUST about the experiment and science. My108 is very entertainment too! Competition is contagious and interesting. The users are ranked according to their luck rating. You can compete with people of your age and gender and those living in your country or city or your area (using GPS). You can customize your competition to your interests.

And there is more! My108 features lessons and lectures on how to improve your intuition, concentration and even your relaxation.
Also, how about checking todays luck prior to gambling?
The luckiest users each month will be receiving GREAT prizes, including iPads, iPhones, and more!
You can download our application using the following web page:


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